Elevate Your Metabolism!†*

Elevate Your Metabolism!†*

The power to help your metabolism thrive!

Avere-TRIM™ is a Patent-Pending phytonutrient formula designed to activate your body’s metabolic master switch to help burn fat for greater energy and vitality. Built on the botanical ingredients and nutrients that help promote healthy metabolism and fight unwanted fat, Avere-TRIM’s ground-breaking formula supports your AMPK pathway, which is the key to regulating your fat and calorie metabolism and body weight.†*

Avere-TRIM™ is scientifically designed to activate the metabolic master switch to help burn fat!†*

Within our bodies is an enzyme called 5′ adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase, or AMPK for short. The AMPK enzyme is responsible for signaling to cells when to stop storing fat and instead burn it for energy—especially around the abdomen. Unfortunately, with age and genetics, the efficiency and activity of AMPK can decline over time, causing the accumulation of body fat.

Here’s the Great News: Certain nutrients and botanical extracts can promote healthy activation of the AMPK enzyme, telling your body to start burning stored fat for energy—and that can result in increased energy and vitality.†*

Avere-TRIM™ is designed to trigger AMPK activity to help burn fat and promote healthy cellular metabolism.†*

Elevate your metabolism!†*

  • Encourage the body to burn stored body fat
  • Help to revitalize youthful AMPK levels
  • Support healthy cellular energy and metabolism

Whole Body AMPK Boosting Benefits in Every Packet†*

Avere-TRIM™ delivers a patent-pending combination of seven science-driven botanical ingredients plus essential targeted nutrients to help your metabolism thrive. The goal for the formula is to accomplish three-things:

Provide the phytonutrients that promote the AMPK enzyme to help increase metabolism and burn body fat.

Ensure the botanical ingredients and nutrients are also present to naturally decrease acid that can cause your body to store fat.

Synergistically deliver the nutrients that need to be present for your body to turn fat into energy and burn it for fuel.

Nature does the work. Science delivers the benefits.

Introducing the 7 Phytonutrient Superstars in Avere-TRIM™

Avere-TRIMTM was developed after a decade of research in pursuit of the world’s most powerful science-driven natural AMPK activators combined into one convenient liquid shot. Our quality-obsessed team reviewed thousands of potential botanicals, phytonutrients, and energy-enhancing ingredients to land on a unique combination that unlocks the wisdom of nature to mend metabolism. This is the first product in the world to contain this unique combination of phytonutrients combined with the energy generating factors needed to fuel a natural metabolic lift.
Quercetin is proposed as an ergogenic supplement due to its capacity to boost AMPK, enhance aerobic performance and increase metabolism while also decreasing the acid that causes the body to store fat.
Curcumin activates the AMPK pathway, boosts metabolism, increases energy expenditure, stimulates the conversion of white adipose tissue to brown and decreases the acid that causes the body to store fat.
Berberine enhances both AMPK activation and autophagy, supports healthy insulin sensitivity, inhibits the growth of fat cells, supports healthy inflammatory pathways, and decreases the acid that causes the body to store fat.
Resveratrol activates both AMPK and a long list of healthy longevity factors via the many metabolism and health benefits associated with enhancing SIRT1 (aka the “master metabolic regulator”). It also decreases the acid that causes the body to store fat.
Green Tea Extract promotes increased AMPK-dependent fatty acid utilization while increasing resting metabolic rate. It also supports healthy aging and longevity, enhances exercise performance, and significantly increases fat metabolism during exercise.
L-Theanine activates brown adipose tissue (BAT) to act as a catalyst and boost the body’s capacity to burn fat. It may enhance energy expenditure while also supporting a healthy metabolic response to everyday stress.
Moringa Leaf increases energy metabolism in muscle cells by promoting AMPK function. Preliminary research also indicates this botanical superstar may provide additional robust support for healthy insulin sensitivity while promoting diverse antioxidant activity.

Avere-TRIM™ Utilizes Liposomal Technology

By now, you’ve probably heard of liposomes and the incredible benefits they can have when applied to most forms of nutrients.

Liposomes are tiny bubbles that effectively deliver nutrients and botanicals to our tissues. Liposomes also protect nutrients from being destroyed in stomach acid. They are absorbed exceptionally well because they are derived from phosphatidylcholine—a special class of phospholipids that also make up our body’s cell membranes. Our phosphatidylcholine is exclusively sourced from Non-GMO European sunflowers.

Research has shown in some cases, liposomes may enhance absorption by 1,000 percent or more! That is a 10X higher nutrient absorption than a typical supplement. We apply liposomes to all the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients in Avere-TRIM in a multi-step process that ensures the utmost purity with absolutely no heat, chemicals or pressure used in the process.

With Avere-TRIM™ you can see your body fat burn away!†*

We’ve found you can see how well Avere-TRIM works by accurately measuring your metabolism in real-time with a device like a Lumen. Measuring your own metabolic rate with this device allows you to “dial in” your use of Avere-TRIM™ to best meet your own unique metabolic needs.

For example, you may find one serving of Avere-TRIM™ boosts your Lumen results into optimal and sustained fat-burn, or you may find that it takes two servings a day for the first few days to produce a metabolic lift.†*

Utilizing a device can also guide you to see how exercise and upgrading certain food choices can benefit you as well. Here’s the best part of monitoring your metabolism with a device like Lumen: When you dial your metabolism into fat burn, you can see the rate your body fat burns away!†*

Any questions we haven't answered? We're here to help!

Frequently asked questions about Avere-TRIMTM and important things to consider when taking the product.

Top researchers call AMPK “the guardian of metabolism.” AMPK is literally the “metabolic switch” that determines when your body burns fat for fuel. Those with the genetic predisposition for higher AMPK enzyme activity have lower total body fat. The good news is, you can increase AMPK with the right dietary choices, with exercise, and with certain phytonutrients. We have found that combining all three of these methods work best and can result in significant improvements in energy, mood, vitality and can serve to empower you toward your health and fitness goals.  

High levels of AMPK occur in youth, while low levels of AMPK occur in aging. We grow old, not simply because time passes, but because our youthful levels of AMPK drop away. And AMPK activity does decline sharply with age. That is why we become less energetic and get fatter as we grow older, while becoming increasingly vulnerable to health challenges associated with impaired DNA and protein function. Even more, the modern American lifestyle, with its overabundance of empty calories and low levels of physical activity, is even worse for the AMPK system than aging alone.

Activating, enhancing, or increasing AMPK all refer to methods that have been shown in science to increase the AMPK enzyme or AMPK pathway activity. Increasing AMPK puts the whole body back on its youthful track, effectively boosting metabolism to burn off energy, while draining fat stores instead of refilling them. Exercise, we now know, is a powerful AMPK-activator and researchers have now discovered it is only when adding exercise, or some other AMPK-activating factor, that regular dieting becomes effective for weight loss. This is likely why dieting alone often fails. Fortunately, a growing number of naturally occurring molecules known as phytonutrients show potent and safe AMPK-activating properties. These phytonutrients have been shown to activate and increase the AMPK enzyme. We’ve found that combining them with exercise and a healthy diet produces the best AMPK-activating results.

Avere-TRIM is designed to take all at once first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. You can mix Avere-TRIM with a small amount of water and drink, or you can sip it directly from the packet. One packet contains one serving. While it is best to take on an empty stomach, you can also combine it with food. After one serving, you should notice increased energy and therefore, may want to limit caffeine containing products. If possible, we recommend you measure how your metabolism responds to Avere-TRIM with a metabolic measuring device like Lumen (https://www.lumen.me/). In this way, you can accurately measure and guide your unique metabolic response to the product and add a second serving if needed.
It is best to start with one serving per day for a few days to see how your unique metabolism responds to the phytonutrients in Avere-TRIM. In some cases, we’ve found it may take two servings per day for a few days to boost metabolism. You may choose to take two servings first thing in the morning. As an alternative, you can take one serving in the morning and another in the early afternoon before or after lunch. If desired, you can take up to three servings per day in divided doses. It is best to take just one or two servings per day in divided doses combined with a healthy low glycemic diet and exercise program.
Yes. Optimally we recommend that you take one or two servings of Avere-TRIM per day every day combined with one serving of Avere-Restore in the evenings. Timing wise, it is best to take Avere-TRIM in the early morning and best to take Avere-Restore in the evening at sunset or at the end of your working day. Avere-Restore is an amazing combination of all-natural CBD, Xanthohumol and Beta-Caryophyllene that may help to improve deep relaxation and sleep quality. In addition, CBD has been shown to assist with “fat-browning” which is the first step of converting fat into energy. Thus, these two products are complementary and work well together when your goal is supporting healthy metabolism.
If you accidentally miss a serving, you can either take it when you remember or you can wait until the next day to resume the supplement. Timing wise, it is best to take Avere-TRIM early in the morning or afternoon. We recommend that you do not take it after 4:00 PM as the energy enhancing ingredients taken late in the day may make it harder to fall asleep.
The individual ingredients in Avere-TRIM are generally well tolerated. However, there are certain people who should refrain from use or should use caution due to possible interactions with medical conditions or medications. Pregnant and lactating women should not take this supplement. Additionally, individuals with a medical condition or who are taking prescription medications should talk to their healthcare provider first before taking this or any dietary supplement product. People with low bodyfat percentages should not take Avere-TRIM especially if further loosing or reducing bodyfat places their health at risk.
We always recommend talking to your prescribing physician before using any supplements to ensure that they are safe to take with your medical history.
Avere-TRIM is designed to take all at once first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. You can mix Avere-TRIM with a small amount of water and drink, or you can sip it directly from the packet. One packet contains one serving.
Yes. All the ingredients in Avere-TRIM are vegan friendly.
Yes. All the ingredients in Avere-TRIM are dairy free.
Avere-TRIM does not contain any of the so-called “Big 8” allergens. These are: milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, wheat and soy.

The best way to support AMPK levels in the body is to stay as healthy as possible overall. Eating a healthy low-glycemic diet, getting regular exercise, maintaining a healthy body weight, and sleeping enough each day are all ways to make sure your body is functioning at its peak. If you have low AMPK because of a medical condition, working with your healthcare provider to treat the underlying condition may be the best way to improve your levels. If you have low AMPK as a side effect of a medication you are taking, talk to your healthcare provider about your concerns to see if switching to an alternative medication could be right for you.

Your Toolkit For Metabolic Health

By increasing the AMPK enzyme activity, the body is signaled to stop storing fat and start using it to create ATP for cellular energy. Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, Avere Trim™ can help you achieve the game-changing results you’ve been searching for.†*

10 Minutes of Intense Exercise a Day is Transformative

The best fat burner is regular exercise. Exercise promotes healthy weight by increasing AMPK and therefore, it increases the calories you burn, both during the exercise itself and while you’re at rest. Exercise also increases growth hormone and delivers all kinds of healthy-aging benefits.

Elevate your metabolism!†*

  • Encourage the body to burn stored body fat
  • Help to revitalize youthful AMPK levels
  • Support healthy cellular energy and metabolism